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Interesting Comments about Capacity and Performance in EV-DO Networks

Posted on Wednesday 26 May 2004

On GigiOm:

A few months ago I asked the question:  what happens when say about 2 million subscribers opt for this Verizon service? And I got some really good answers on what are the problems with EV-DO service.

Martin said: It goes totally [dead].  Because the reverse link isn’t really CDMA.  And it was slow to start off with.  And the channel grab and release is slow.  And it takes a lot of spectrum.  And it scales REALLY BADLY.  But it looks great in a demo to the telco execs, and the bits per hertz figures for the downlink look good, so who cares, right?

Charlie added: That is to say, the way QCOM boosted the speed on DO, is to limit the complete channel to only ONE user at a time. One step forward, 47 steps back. So as the load increases the latency dies and throughput can really drop.

Read the whole thing.

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