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May 2004
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That Didn’t Take Long: DoCoMo On The Prowl For Next iMode Paramour in UK

The ink is barely dry on its breakup agreement with 3 (UK) but NTT DoCoMo is already looking for a new dance partner. According to both the Financial Times and Agence France Presse DoCoMo is in discussions with three other carriers – Orange, T-Mobile and mmO2 – as potential partners in a British version of […]

Oh By The Way

This guy has lost his cotton picking mind. I was never a big fan of his politics, but I admired his stance on many important technology issues. (No, I don’t mean I think he invented the Internet nor do I think he ever claimed to have, either.) But I am certain that without his leadership […]

DoCoMo Bails Out of UMTS in UK

NTT DoCoMo ended months of speculation by today selling its 20% stake in Hutchison Whampoa’s UMTS network in the UK for £120M. Outgoing DoCoMo CEO Keiji Tachikawa confirmed DoCoMo’s intent to leave the partnership earlier this month, saying, ” “Hutchison Whampoa can do it alone. It is time to consider whether we should keep our […]

Political QOTD

“Michael Moore is a slut who needs his ass kicked. And the French think Pepe LePew is a cat.” – Dennis Miller, May 26, 2004

Cingular To Test UMTS in Atlanta This Summer

Speaking of 3G in the US, Cingular said it will conduct an internal test of UMTS, using Lucent equipment, this summer in Atlanta. The test will use PC card radiomodems rather than handsets and is aimed at data services rather that voice. Cingular is actively still converting some areas from either TDMA or CDMA to […]

Interesting Comments about Capacity and Performance in EV-DO Networks

( none )

On GigiOm: A few months ago I asked the question:  what happens when say about 2 million subscribers opt for this Verizon service? And I got some really good answers on what are the problems with EV-DO service. Martin said: It goes totally [dead].  Because the reverse link isn’t really CDMA.  And it was slow to start off […]

In-Stat: ‘Natural Demand’ for Video Over Cellular

The industry analysts at In-Stat/MDR are predicting that consumption of video content and video messaging services will be worth nearly US$5.5B annually by 2009. A recent survey conducted by the company found that over 13% of end users were either “interested” or “extremely interested” in video services; In-Stat says this interest level is “higher than […]

Italy May Become UMTS Battleground

With Hutchison having launched UMTS services early last year, two other UMTS spectrum licensees have announced commercial services starting this week. Vodafone said it will make both voice and data services available starting today using a single Samsung handset model. Telecom Italia Mobile said yesterday that it has launched both its EDGE and UMTS networks. […]

Continued Confusion Among European UMTS Licensees

Spain’s Telefónica Móviles said it has opened its UMTS network starting today, but Britain’s mmO2 said it is trying to get regulators to soften the terms of its spectrum license. Telefónica said it will launch services in Madrid and Barcelona today and will sell Sony Ericsson and Motorola handsets for €499. The launch marks the […]

Ericsson Sells Mobitex Infrastructure Business

An investment group headed by the former CEO and finance director of the UK Mobitex operator has acquired the Mobitex infrastructure group from Ericsson, according to a press announcement released this morning. The commercial details of the deal were not announced, nor has Ericsson commented on the sale as of yet. The new organization, known […]