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Swedish Public Safety Choose TETRA

Posted on Monday 5 April 2004

A Saab-led consortium which includes Nokia has won a contract to build and operate a nationwide public safety TETRA network. According to media reports the Swedish government chose TETRA over a CDMA system which would have run around 450MHz. Police agencies, fire and rescue services and the customs and immigration service, as well as elements of the Swedish armed forces will use the network; the government has budgeted €250M for the system.

Two things strike me immediately: first, Ericsson is notably absent. They don’t offer TETRA gear, but their CDMA/WCDMA and Mobitex infrastructure units would have provided more services for (likely) less money. Second, this must be a voice only service, because TETRA still has no data service that works. So if it’s a voice play, why choose what is at best a regional standard with only two terminal providers? It doesn’t add up.

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