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Nokia Announces New Communicator

Posted on Thursday 1 April 2004

Handset leader Nokia unveiled the 9813 Communicator, a new all-in-one device based on DR-DOS. "We have done extensive market research, and our high-end corporate customers have told us they really want something like this." The new unit combines a paper-based PDA, flashlight, space for 2 pencils (plus sharpener), can-opener, corkscrew, and fingernail clipper with the proven technology of an NMT handset. The unit, equipped with a padded handle which compacts "neatly into the ergonomic recess" at the side of the device, weighs only 2800 grams and comes with a 7m retractable power cord. The company said it would have prototype units available "later this year" with commercial quantities available Q3 2005. A Nokia spokesman said an AMPS version for the North American market was also in the works, but refused to speculate on availability.

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