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Jagr to Moscow

Posted on Monday 5 April 2004

Jagr says he’s got a deal to play in Russia if there’s an NHL lockout next season. According to ESPN

The All-Star right wing of the New York Rangers told the New York Daily News that he has a conditional contract in place that will enable him to play in Russia next fall should the opening of the 2004-05 NHL season be delayed by a lockout.

“There’s a big chance I might be going to Moscow,” Jagr said, naming Dynamo Moscow and the famed CSKA club as his likely teams.

Asked if he had a deal in place, Jagr said: “Yeah. It might be the best league in the world besides the NHL.”

My guess is that he’s not the only NHL player who’ll head east if the NHL doesn’t have a season. He might be the first to come out and say something publicly about it, but I doubt he’s the only one who’s got a deal done.

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