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March 2004
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DoCoMo WCDMA Momentum Continues

We noted in January that NTT DoCoMo was finally realizing some gains from having deployed WCDMA first. After two years of having to repeatedly lower subscriber forecasts the company now has added 500K users to its FOMA service for each of the past two months and now has finally beaten one of its own predictions. […]

Dolphin Sinks Again

UK TETRA operator Dolphin has filed for administration in Britain for the second time in its six year existence. Its operations are in the hands of KPMG, who said they are actively trying to sell the business. “We urge any interested parties to contact us as soon as possible,” said a KPMG spokesman. Dolphin, once […]

Hutchison Puts Wireless Eggs in Two Baskets

Hutchison Whampoa said it will spin out most of its cellular assets except, notably, most of its 3G networks, into a separate company and list that company on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Financial analysts characterized the move as ‘financial reengineering’ designed to produce one-time gain for Hutchison, and Hong Kong investors reacted by bailing […]

RIM’s Patent Troubles Delay Nokia Handsets

Nokia and RIM signed a licensing agreement in November, 2002, under which Nokia could develop and sell handsets with BlackBerry functions; at the time both parties expected development to proceed apace. Nokia has since announced two handsets, the 6810 and 6820, which have the BlackBerry Web client built in, but neither device is available in […]

US Wireless Data Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Wireless transaction processor US Wireless Data has filed for Chapter 11 protection and has agreed to sell off its assets. The company said it has sold its POS gateway business to NBS Synapse for US$5M in cash and transaction credits and has sold its vending operations to Sani for $1.6M in cash. The company said […]

US Paging Consolidation Continues

Last November two of the three remaining nationwide paging services agreed to combine forces when Metrocall agreed to purchase once bitter rival Weblink Wireless. The consolidation continues with yesterday’s announcement that Metrocall and Arch, the last remaining national paging companies, intend to merge. If the deal is approved by shareholders and regulators the combined company […]

3 HK Hyping New Batteries

Things must be bad in 3G Land in Hong Kong; Hutchison not only cut its handset prices in half (as we noted Friday) but the company is now hyping handset batteries in an attempt to counter dreadful performance. How bad must business be if Canning Fok, Hutchison’s group general manager, is quoted as saying this: […]

RIM and Good Settle Their Legal Differences

RIM and Good announced late Friday that they have agreed to settle the lawsuits between them. Good will pay RIM a lump sum settlement before the end of May and will pay royalties quarterly thereafter based on a technology license. The details of the license and the settlement were not disclosed. Good filed suit against […]

Hutchison Cuts 3G Handset Price in Hong Kong Again

Reuters is reporting that Hutchison has cut the price of its most expensive UMTS handset in half in Hong Kong; this is the second time in six weeks that the carrier has cut the price. According to the Reuters report the NEC device is now available for HK$1980, compared to its original price of $4380, […]

US Cellular Carriers’ Push-Me-Pull-You Data Strategy

Depending on which day of the week it is US cellular executives either are slow-rolling their data strategy, trying to understand a complex market, or they’re convinced that the data gold rush is about to begin. A current Reuters headline reads, “Cellular Execs Say Go Slow on High-Speed Wireless” and sports this lead: U.S. wireless […]