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February 2004
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Aether Looks for “Strategic Options”

It’s never a good thing when a company hires an outside firm to help it figure out what to do next, and there’s no exception to be made for the one-time darling of wireless data service providers, Aether Systems. The company has hired Friedman, Billings, Ramsey to help. According to the Washington Post Aether burned […]

Wavenet Lands Two Mobitex Radiomodem Contracts

Australian radiomodem developer Wavenet announced supply contracts with US Mobitex operator Cingular Interactive and with POS terminal supplier Lipman. Cingular has placed an order worth A$1.2M for Wavenet’s new modems with deliveries to start in April. Lipman will incorporate the BM3 radios into its NURIT line of EFT/POS devices, also starting in April, under a […]

Trade Group Formed to Promote the “Other UMTS”

A new trade association centered around UMTS TDD was announced at the 3GSM World Congress yesterday. The group, chartered by UMTS TDD spectrum licensees and infrastructure providers from around the world, says it will raise awareness of UMTS TDD, support technology development and information sharing among its members, and become a clearinghouse for information related […]

New GPRS BlackBerries for Cingular

Cingular and RIM announced two new tri-band GPRS BlackBerries yesterday, one which features a monochrome screen and the other sporting color. The two devices, which operate in 850, 1800 and 1900 MHz bands, fill one hole in Cingular’s GPRS strategy: they have unique spectrum needs since their network is agglomerated from several predecessors – BellSouth […]

Same Song, Different Day

“We don’t have any handsets, so we can’t launch our networks.” “Why do you need handsets? Your networks aren’t ready.” Amid all the optimism and parties at the 3GSM World Congress lurk the two most prominent handset problems of UMTS: there are not enough available to support wide adoption, and the ones that are available […]

mmO2 in Play

mmO2’s CEO, Peter Erskine, called KPN’s failed bid to buy his company “the first offer a company made for mmO2” but quickly added, “We’re not obsessed by the idea of selling this company.” In the same interview, published today in Die Welt, he seemed to invite interest. “If somebody makes a good offer, we’ll definitely […]

Psion-Nokia Deal for Symbian Not Done

Reuters reported that Psion’s agreement to sell its shares in Symbian to Nokia, and thus give Nokia over 60% of the company’s shares, may be falling apart over the objections of the other shareholders. According to the story both Sony Ericsson and Siemens object to Nokia holding a controlling interest and may exercise their rights […]

Next Merger Soap Opera: mmO2?

On Friday KPN said it was walking away from its bid to buy mmO2; yesterday the company reinforced its position by saying that there were no further negotiations planned with mmO2 nor was it considering a hostile takeover. Today, however, KPN said it “reserves the right” to reenter the fray if another company went after […]

GoodLink Arriving in UK

( none )

Good Technology announced that it will offer its mobile software platform outside the US for the first time when it launches in the UK later this month. The company said its latest version will be available on the Treo 600 handheld, although it did not specify which carriers would participate.

“We are the great liberators for type-A personalities.”

The Toronto Star profiles RIM as the company nears its 20th anniversary. The above quote is from one of the co-CEOs, Jim Balsillie. Here’s another: “We said [to RIM’s carrier partners] here’s a market where we’re getting 100 per cent of the revenue, do you want most of it? We could have in essence bypassed […]