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December 2003
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MOA and I Move On

Tomorrow marks my last day as the Executive Director of MOA. For all intents and purposes, it marks the last day of MOA itself. The organization has already been reincarnated as the Mobitex Association, and will have no paid staff. The experiment which brought me here, which some predicted would last only two years, lasted […]

The Sanctions Were Working

Yeah, right. “Banned Arms Flowed Into Iraq Through Syrian Firm”

Protection Money?

Reuters notes the latest in online scams and frauds: Cyber Blackmail Wave Targets Office Workers. “Cyber blackmail artists are shaking down office workers, threatening to delete computer files or install pornographic images on their work PCs unless they pay a ransom, police and security experts said.” And targets are apparently paying.

My How Times Have Changed

TeliaSonera and their partner for UMTS services in Sweden, Tele2, agreed to purchase Orange’s 3G spectrum license for just SEK50M. The two purchasers, who jointly hold one spectrum license, said they expect that the additional spectrum will make it easier to roll out services and will provide needed capacity because “we believe the mobile Internet—e-mail […]

Is Japan the Bellwether of 3G Success?

The New York Times has bought the proposition that what works for cellular services in Japan will work elsewhere, despite strong evidence to the contrary. In an article published today the paper states, “…carriers in America, Asia and Europe are also waiting to see if the [3G] market in Japan continues to grow before they […]

Tough Going for WCDMA in Korea

The Korean government is working hard to make WCDMA viable but isn’t having much luck. Both SK Telecom and KTF said their fledgling networks are operational, barely beating their end-of-year deadlines, but the operators said that they will not allow commercial subscriptions until March. In addition, the government said it will allow the operators to […]

RIM Posts Solid Numbers, Signs License Deal with Sony Ericsson

RIM’s Q3 top line more than doubled compared to last year, to US$153.8M; the company posted net income of $16.3M after setting aside $9.2M related to the patent lawsuit with NTP. RIM said 56% of the top line was from handheld sales and 29% came from service revenue. They now have 865K BlackBerry subscribers and […]

Mobilcom Closes the Book on UMTS

Germany’s Mobilcom, one of the first flameouts of the 3G era, took the formal step of returning its UMTS spectrum license. The company may be positioning itself to become a reseller, as under German regulations one can’t hold a spectrum license and also resell another carrier’s services.

Om on Danny on Good

Om notes Danny Schader’s outlook for Good for 2004, saying in part, “Good claims that Good’s G100 is cooler than RIM. Whatever!” and “Good is only good for the enterprise customers.” I’ll leave the decision on cool up to you, but the G100 is head and shoulders above the BlackBerry (any model) on the usability […]

Microsoft Handset OS “Not Ready For Prime Time” – Vodafone

Microsoft’s foray into the handset OS market suffered another setback when the CEO of Vodafone characterized the software as “not quite ready for prime time.” In an interview with the Financial Times Arun Sarin said, “Hopefully they’re working to solve some of the issues that we have and in time, when they’re ready, we’d be […]