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November 2003
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Happy birthday, Mom.

Happy birthday, Mom.

Note to self

The Saturday after Thanksgiving might be the worst night of the year to try to get a table in Bethesda. After eating Turkey for two days everybody’s apparently looking to get out of the house. Not to mention that they’re exhausted by fighting over bargains all day, as evidenced by the every-man-for-himself attitudes in the […]

La Tasca, revisited

A word of advice about La Tasca in DC. We’ve been there a couple of times now, both at the bar and at tables. Here’s my advice: sit at the bar. The two waiters we’ve had just didn’t seem to understand the ‘service’ aspect of their job. Maybe in a month they’ll be either better […]

4G in the Far East

Japan and China continue to investigate so-called 4G technology and announced plans for a three-year project which will incorporate IPv6 for address management. Kyoto University and Beijing University will also participate in the project, as will Fujitsu.

Vodafone To Go It Alone in Oz

Vodafone Autralia won’t let a lack of a partner deter it from launching UMTS there in 2005. The company said it has been unable to find a partner to help pay for the WCDMA network but will proceed with spending “hundreds of millions of dollars” in the next to years to go it alone. “3G […]

New Cingular COO

Cingular announced that Mark Feidler will return to BellSouth as Chief Staff Officer and that Ralph de la Vega will take over as Cingular’s COO, effective 1 January. de la Vega has been president of BellSouth’s Latin American group and will work alongside Cingular president and CEO Stan Sigman. He has also been president of […]

Korea Pushes Ahead with WCDMA

Two Korean WCDMA licensees are planning to roll out WCDMA services next month, despite operating competing networks and a dearth of evidence of a commercial reason to do so. Both SK Telecom and KTF said that they see little advantage of WCDMA over CDMA 1X RTT or 1X EV DO but that they will launch […]

Numerex Launches Vending Machine Service

US-based Numerex, who sells data services based on control channels in cellular networks, announced a vending machine monitoring service. The company said its VendView system uses its Cellemetry network and will allow customers to monitor their machines for inventory levels and other information; Numerex has been testing the service in Mexico. Company officials said it […]


If you’re downtown near the MCI Center you might want to check out La Tasca, one of the latest restaurants to open on 7th Street. It’s the third tapas place to open within a couple of blocks of the arena, joining Jaleo and Zaytinya. Talk to Steph, one of the managing partners, or our new […]

Exasperation, thy name is Capitals.

( hockey )

Take last night, for instance. They’ve had 4 days without a game and had the Panthers on home ice. They took 22 (!) shots in the first, but could only get ‘da biskit’ past Lluongo once. (Jagr finally gets a goal.) Then they got sloppy on defense (again) and let Huselius loose in front. 1-1. […]